What is counselling?

Counselling can offer you a unique space to be able to express whatever you wish to bring, be it an issue that is troubling you or a desire to further understand oneself. It is a confidential space be to heard without judgement and to be empathised with. Counselling can also be challenging as it can be uncomfortable to bring up difficult feelings/ experiences but my role is to help support you through this process. Check out what I can offer you for more information.

Counselling sessions are confidential however, there are exceptions to this. Confidentiality may have to be breached if a client discloses information around money laundering, acts of terrorism, and most importantly if I believe they are of significant risk of harm to self/ or to others. If I felt that I would need to breach confidentiality I would always have that discussion with the client first before doing so.

How can counselling help?

It can help you with:

  • Emotional distress
  • Troubling behaviours
  • Trauma
  • Low self-esteem, poor self-image
  • Coping with a difficult physical health condition
  • A difficult life event, for example bereavement
  • Other issues – for example sexual identity
  • etc.

I can offer you counselling and support for all of these, and more. Contact me now or find out what I can offer you.

More information

For more information about counselling, what it can do for you, and more, visit the BACP website.